Pilot survives crash, hikes 20 miles to safety

msnbc.msn.com/id/33350874/ns … ?gt1=43001

WOW! Amazing that he lived through that! To bad about the wolf guy though… :frowning:

Aircraft involved is a 1969 Cessna A185E N2764J

Wolf Biologist accident news and story.

N2764J Cessna A185E

maybe they were flying too close to the ground.
100 wolfs in 6,000,000 acres, thats 1 wolf per 60,000 acres. and since the article says the wolfs are in packs thats 1 pack of wolfs per 500,000 acres. I have a hard time spotting a 400 foot tall radio tower on a hill side, i cant imagine looking for a wolf in a forest the size of a city, at tree top level.

I know that area Intimately- there are no radio towers on top of hills to hit.

Wolf spotting involves using radio collar technology, and wild life is very easy to spot while flying low and slow.