Forest Fire Season


Hello again. I have 2 questions for anyone to answer. I was wondering if I will be able to track the Water Bombers (Tankers), Bird Dogs (SkyMaster), and the Helicopters (Helitech’s) on here during the Forest Fire Season.
My 2nd question is: What type of Helicopters are those that carry crews out to the Forest Fires. I am talking about the Heli’s that the MNR call “Helitech” the bigger Heli’s. is it a B04, B05 or what kind is it. Let me know.

I hope someone or anyone can answer my 2 questions that I just asked. Thanks.

Kaarlo :slight_smile:


I can answer part of the question. I work for Midwest Helicopters here in Chicago, IL and we fly Sikorsky 58’s to carry firefighters and we also do water drops with the bucket attached below the helicopter. We actually just came back from North Carolina fighting some fires out their. I know you wont be able to track our helicopters, but the other aircraft im not sure about.



I doubt you’ll be able to track fire fighting aircraft, since they’re probably flying VFR instead of IFR.