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PIAware SkyAware map offset

Just a small curious thing: The map showing my tracks seems to be based on openstreetmap.org, and the black dot signifying my antenna position(?) is about 300 m off!? If I enter the coordinates I have registered in openstreetmap, Google Maps and Apple Maps all show the correct position spot on. Is it the rendering?

There is an option for dump1090 to set the accuracy of the displayed location. The default fudges it a bit so that your true location isn’t shown if you have the web page publicly available.

You can change it by setting the option --json-location-accuracy 2 in /etc/default/dump1090-fa if you are using the package version. I’m not sure where the equivalent option is set in the piaware image.

The piaware image just uses 2 from the start:

lappend dump1090config {JSON_OPTIONS="--json-location-accuracy 2"}

The dump1090-fa default config is kinda stupid with the bo-port being specified twice as well.

Thanks guys, that fixed it!

(My page isn’t public, so no concerns - and it annoyed me with the wrong position)