Discrepancy between SkyView location and Flightaware


Hello, ‘issue’ started today. The black dot showing my location on the PiAware Skyview is about 500 meters away from the actual location.

The latitude and longitude reported on my ADS-B stats page (as well as the map on the top right of the page) on Flightware are correct, so is the blue marker on the map when I go into settings. I set it manually at the beginning of the setup process a few days ago and it has been working fine.

I have rebooted my device, flushed cache on my browser with same issue.

What could be causing this. Running PiAware 3.5 with dump1090-fa 3.5, everything was running fine until today. Thank you!


Normal behavior. The site location is rounded for display (but uses the exact value internally). There are enough users that expose the web interface to the world that showing the exact location becomes a privacy problem.

nb: piaware sdcard images use a different default here to package installs

See the --json-location-accuracy dump1090 option.


Thank you for the quick reply, understand about privacy concerns

edit: --json-location-accuracy is set to 1 on my dump1090 installation so makes sense that the location wanders.