Some new issues

FA 7.2, Debian Bullesye, Linux 5.16.15

-The distance column on Skyware is empty but I can still sort by distance
-My location has disappeared from the map
-Resetting the map takes me to Milano, Italy

It seems your postion has been lost in the configuration settings.
Open the configuration page on your flightfeeder page and configure name, nearest airport, location and height.

Save that information and then you will have the settings correct again.
If the distance isn’t shown then this indicates that the location of the reciever isn’t set

That’s what I first suspected but it was already there except I never had a site name when it was working. I added one and re-added my location, elevation and antenna height; no change. My location and elevation are in the log.

I found latitude, longitude and location accuracy needed to be manually set in '/etc/default/dump1090-fa.

its not for all of You but to gentlemen who build piaware, I hope they can considering to made piaware can use USB GPS for syn between station, time and location.
here in other parts of the world cost for USB GPS nothing more tha USD 15.
sure NTP is enough but another blink-blink LED is not hurt me either

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