PiAware SD card image


Folks, curiosity.

I have PiAware working fine on my Pi Zero. To the best of my recollection I had a working Raspian image and added dump1090 and PiAware.

What are the pros and cons of using a PiAware image over adding the programs go an existing image?

I think the config file is in a different location, not sure why.



PiAware is great because it just works and is a great way to get a FlightAware feeder up and running without drama, and it’s simpler to maintain. It’s great for a dedicated feeder.

Using Raspbian gives you more flexibility out of the box, in that you can continue to use your RPi for other things at the same time, and that comes at the expense of needing to do a bit more hacking to get things going and maintain it, plus you retain your Raspbian free VNC license which can be very useful.


Good point about being able to use for other things; whilst I don’t use it for other things there is that option.

Didn’t think of the VNC option but my FA started as Raspian Lite anyway so don’t think the VNC option comes with that.