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Remote Access via VNC

I have my system up and running but would like to access it via remote graphical interface (not just SSH). Can I boot into the standard GUI after PiAware starts, and then use VNC to access the screen? I may also want to use the Pi for other minor tasks while PiAware is serving ADS-B Data.

The sdcard image is set up as a single purpose headless setup based on Raspbian lite (i.e. no GUI components). You can adapt it it and install extra stuff via the usual routes (apt-get etc), but for a general purpose install you may be better off starting from a vanilla Raspbian install and then installing dump1090/piaware from packages.

Thanks. I’m trying to update PiAware now and see, but if I get into trouble, I’ll probably come back from the opposite direction.

Appreciate the fast response.

Just as an aside, when I first started using RPis, my first reaction was “omg, no GUI” but once I got into them, I realised very quickly that I would actually never need to use the GUI at all. In fact, now I’ve got over fifteen of them now doing various different tasks both at home and remotely and I’ve only ever had to use the GUI on one of them and that’s because I had to set up Teamviewer on it to use at a remote site for a very specific purpose.
Pretty much everything you’ll ever want to do on a Pi is installed and configured from the terminal so it’s a great learning experience.
Embrace the terminal :slight_smile:


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It’s much easier to start from Raspian Image and install PiAware. And the GUI isn’t always useless. :wink:

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