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Running other things with piaware

If I use the piaware SD card image will other things like ntp or pi camera etc. config files get over wrote?

or should i use the piaware pkg?

I have added additional functions to the PiAware SD image without major issue. If a problem occurred I could always re-flash back to the original image.

If you have an existing, stable Pi config that you want to maintain, use the PiAware add-on. The PiAware image is just that: a complete image file that replaces everything on the SD card.

You can also use the PiAware image as your base and add things on from there. Just realize that you will be starting from scratch so grab any config files that you might want to reuse and save them elsewhere before loading the PiAware Image.

I have systems running the PiAware image with other thing (mostly other flight feeders) and a stock Raspberry Pi Debian Image with the add on. Both seem to perform equally as well. With the PiAware image, your updates come from the FlightAware servers rather than the standard repositories but I believe they are simply mirrors.