Rebuilding RaspberryPi with PiAware image

I have just completed my intial build of my RaspberryPi3 with the NOOBS image and then manually loaded Dump1090 then PiAware, so fiddling but got it up and running.

Now I did have plans to use the Pi for other tasks as well (specifically a Unifi Wireless controller), however my experimentation has shown that PiAware and Unifi don’t play together well or if they do I can’t seem to figure it out.

So I have concluded for now that I will just use the Pi to run PiAware.

In order to clean things up after my failed experimentation I was going to rebuild from scratch as it is probably quicker and easier, so that got me wondering, why not save a whole pile of trouble and just use the prebuilt PiAware image.

Thoughts? Will this cause me any issues apart from downtime?

Should be fine.

Great thanks, downloading now…

That worked really well! It was uploading stats before I even logged into it for the first time! No further intervention was required to get things running apart putting the image on the SD card, inserting it and powering up.

Now you get to do it again with the piaware 3 image that just got released :wink: