Piaware 6.0 - can't see status page

Hi all,

I just upgraded from piaware 5.0 to 6.0 on my RPi and now I can no longer see the landing page at my internal IP address from any mobile/tablet device on my network. I used to be able to simply type in the IP address of my RPi and it would display the screen that shows the green or red status indicators for MLAT, 1090, etc and provide a button to take me to my map. This page works from any PC/laptop browser, but not from any mobile device now. I’ve tried my android phone, android tablet and iPhone browsers… neither work. no errors, just a blank white page. displays perfectly on my laptop browser. I’ve rebooted my. devices and my RPi with no success. any ideas?

To clarify. I CAN see the map if I go directly to RPi_IP:8080, but I want to see that main status screen that tells me if everything is running or not.

Thank you.

you have to install Piawareweb see step 3 of this post

Try clearing caches on your mobile devices.

Given that it works on desktop (and is probably a PiAware sdcard install that includes the page by default), this is not the problem.

Ah thanks @obj i stand corrected then :innocent:

@obj @tomvdhorst

Thank you both very much.
Seeing the tablet and iPhone were both new and never used on the piaware before and I have already tried clearing the cache on the android phone already I decided to give Tom’s install suggestion a try and BINGO! it immediately started to work.

The install messages said it was installing piaware-web 6.0 over 6.0, which tells it was installed already as OBJ stated, but for whatever reason it may have been misconfigured or missing something it needed and the reinstall corrected the issue.

Thank you both, its working great now.

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Hm, don’t know how to explain that one…

Maybe it was missing a dependency ? or an error during the update proces ? I don’t know for sure but that seems most likely

I was thinking something like that too, some dependency needed for mobile browser support.

Thanks again!

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