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FlightAware Status Page

Hi Everyone:

I have installed in my raspberry the piaware software as in the page instrucctions.

when I enter IP:8080 I get skyview, but I would like to have the status page of Flightaware.

Is there any way to have it, instead of the Lighttpd placeholder page?

Thanks a lot!

You can get nearly the same status display on your stats page
or try

Click the orange bar to select the correct one.
The inactive one will disappear in a couple of weeks.

The local status page is only available with the piaware sd card image i believe.

Anyone who is logged-in to his/her FA account, can see his/her “My ADS-B” page by clicking this link.


Please note this link does NOT contain any user name, but will still take to “My ADS-B” page of the account to which the person clicking this link is logged-in. You can call it a universal link :slight_smile: