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Piaware info no status bar?

Hi All my system is working ok except now when i use my ip address to log into fightaware i only get
the flightaware bar but no staus info this was working until a day ago when i log in using ip address and 8080 i can see map and aircraft ok please see photo attached.
Can anyone advise thanks i use chrome browser but have tried others and still the same result no status bar gps etc!

Try rebooting the Pi and clearing your browser cache.

I have tried that and still no status info also tried a different browser and still no info thanks

Check to see if browser is automatically trying https:// instead on http://. Should be http:// and not secure.

Had this happen a few times on chrome.

I have checked and its ok im begining to wonder if the web interface is corrupted strange it partially
loads but nothing else???

Try re-imaging the PiAware and we can go from there. And claim your existing feeder-id

@digitaldvd Is this still an issue for you? I just came across the exact screenshot you posted while accidentally trying to access my PiAware that was no longer in my local network. Double check your pi’s IP address.

i was advised to reload the image but as its still working at this time i wont,re ip address thats ok as when i enter the ip address and :8080 its coming up with the map and aircraft tracking ok also the logging info is up to date,i now suspect the web interface under the ip address only has got corrupted.
Thanks both for a reply