So I just set this thing up last night and this morning it says not working. local:8080 page not found

I know zero minus 100 about SSH or *.nix. On my flightaware ads-b page it shows a log file that refreshes every 15 sec which makes it a pain to try to scroll back and read anything. But best I can tell is it says it updated and was rebooting and hoped to be right back

I think it says 1090 started but the no data on port 30005

FWIW,when I built it and turned it on PI loads with just a berry in the middle of the screen. I do not see any flight aware programs in the menu?

How do you make the log STOP SCROLLING :slight_smile:
and any ideas why the update went south or what to do

Looked at your stats at:
It was reporting at 05:00 so dump1090 and piaware are configured and run.
If you are seeing the berry, then you are running in windows mode.
You are going to be learning some *nix comands in order to check things out.
The file /tmp/piaware.out logs the piaware activity on your machine. ‘cat /tmp/piware.out’ will list it.
To check the status of the processes ‘sudo piaware-status’ will show what is running.

You will need to open the *nix equivalent of a DOS shell to run them.
Good luck and welcome aboard.

Well since it is windows mode reboot LOL
a power cycle started it back up so I don’t have to learn anything else new yet
the “upgrade/reboot” must have been flawed. FWIW I tried the reboot function from the stats page with no luck
I would like to be able to remote desktop to my PI, but I suppose there is not really anything to see there.