Piaware 3 on setup page a raspberry PI3 required


According to the set up instructions it says required is a piaware 3. I have the pi2. Plus a fresh raspian operating system will require for me at least to hook to tv and set it to find my WiFi first. For now a bit to much time involved to upgrade to piaware 3


It will work fine on a Pi2.

The “required” list is if you’re buying a new one, the Pi is a required component.


Is there a faster way than starting from scratch and resetting up with WiFi on a new SD card. Thanks


That is the fast way! Should take you 5 minutes or so. You do not need a keyboard/monitor to set up wifi, you can directly edit piaware-config.txt on the sdcard on your PC.


Thanks but for me easiest way is via keyboard and TV I’m not good with all the command line tried that for WiFi before and it didn’t work for me. Sorry is just me


Well, you can log in and use a text editor on the Pi (there’s a GUI one installed, leafpad) to edit /boot/piaware-config.txt

But you can also edit the same file on your PC using whatever editor you’re familiar with already. Put the sdcard in your PC, edit the file called piaware-config.txt.

Neither requires touching the command line.


Initial setup for me was under five minutes – download the files, unpack, and write a new card for my Pi 3. Edit cmdline.txt to fake the MAC address.

Power it off, swap cards, power it up. And it starts up just fine!

I had to install a few things and reconfigure, but that only took a few minutes to do.

3.0.3 is up and running on my secondary unit, and it’s configured and backed up. Since it’s a minimal configuration, the first backup took 9 minutes.

Thanks again to Oliver and to the FlightAware folks! Up and running!

(and I’m such a trusting soul that I’ll let it run for a few days before converting my main box…)

bob k6rtm


Thanks for the replies. I will take the time to set up (easiest for me)via a TV and keyboard and use the GUI that comes with it to enter the wifi information that way. Its been the only successful way for me to get wifi running. Im probably looking at a good hour to set up with getting the new SD card installed with rasbian and then wifi and then the new piaware image. Thanks for suggestions but i am by no way not good with fooling around with the details of linux. I can get by with the very basics let alone faking a MAC address.

Or maybe im just a bit confused at the set up process for now and will have to take a look at in more detail on the flightware set up page when I get a block of time to set aside and see what i can do with it.


If you are using the piaware 3 sdcard image the process is:

  1. write the image to a new sdcard on your PC
  2. remove/reinsert the sdcard on your PC
  3. edit piaware-config.txt on your PC, add your wireless info where the comments in that file say to
  4. put the sdcard in your Pi
  5. power it on.

Literally 5 minutes. Please try it. You don’t need to install Raspbian separately.


Thanks obj. Worked in 5 just had turn pi on and off twice 2nd time worked great