First generation Raspberry Pi. Plug'n'Play with Rasp Pi 3?


Hi all, I’m running PiAware on my first generation Raspberry Pi, but it seems to be struggling to keep up lately, so I was considering updating to the new 3rd generation Raspberry Pi (the one with built in WiFi). Is it a matter of plugging my SD card in to the new Pi and I’m done? Or do I need to start from scratch and go through the whole set up process?



It may run, if you are using Jessie. There needs to be a boot image for the RPI3 on the card.
It is simpler to just get the latest Piaware image. The later image has so many improvement.
I just checked and you appear to be running a 3.0.5 SD card image. That should swap over without an issue.


Thank you. I’ll give it a try. If I run in to issues, I’ll just re-image and go through the setup 8)

Thank you


Then again, there is the issue of SD Card (first generation) vs Micro SD Card (later generations.)


Nothing a large hammer can’t solve :smiley: