Adding WiFi to new Pi3

I am using a TV screen and keyboard to set up a new Pi3. I see the desktop and the mouse correctly selects drop down menus, etc. I went through the drop down boxes several times. Could you please help me find my wifi network? thank you.

There are instructions for configuring wifi on a piaware 3 image here: … ional#wifi

Thank you for answering. I did try to work through the link that is supplied on the instructions page. I am still confused. It was my impression that the Pi3 has built-in wifi connectivity. If all else fails, I do have the wifi dongle from my Pi2. I still need to know how to scan for my wifi network and enter the wifi password. Sorry, I am not a software person. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Rather than scanning for the network you need to configure the network name and the password directly in a configuration file. Then it will use the Pi 3’s built-in wireless with those options.

The options you need to set in the config file are “wireless-network” (set it to yes), “wireless-ssid” (set it to the name of your wireless network, capitalization is important) and “wireless-password”.

Thank you, again for your help. It finally dawned on me to reinsert the SD card in my computer and to edit the wifi information. Several attempts failed. I was able to get the Pi 3 operational using a direct Ethernet connection to my router. However, the router is far away from the future site of the PI 3 and antenna. So I still need to work on getting the wifi going. I did not realize that it could be so difficult. :slight_smile: :blush:

OK, I just didn’t give it enough time… :slight_smile:) It’s up and reporting…

Chuck Miller

That disables wifi powersaving, so it won’t go to sleep on you.