Pi3 WiFi connection issues

Please bear with me - first time posting here, I’ve run piaware on a Pi2 since October 2015 with no issues that I wasn’t able to figure out via the forum or a google search. However, I now have an issue and I can’t find any solutions.

I just downloaded and installed the 3.1.0.img on an micro SD card to use on a Pi3 - knowing I wanted to use the built in wireless I edited the piaware-config.txt file per the instructions so it looks like this:

# This file configures the Piaware sdcard image
# configuration. Whenever the system boots, this
# file is read and its contents are used to
# configure the system.
# Lines beginning with a '#' are comment lines
# and are ignored. Blank lines are also ignored.
# All other lines specify configuration settings.


# Should piaware use the wired ethernet port
# for network access?
wired-network yes

# Wired network configuration:
# Most networks will use DHCP
wired-type dhcp

# Alternatively, a static address configuration
# can be provided; set "wired-type" to static to use this.


# Should piaware use a wifi adaptor
# for network access? You will need to attach
# a supported USB wifi adaptor for this to work.

# change this to "yes" to enable wifi
wireless-network yes

# Wifi SSID and password.
# This should be changed to match your wireless
# network SSID and, for networks that require
# a passphrase, the passphrase.
wireless-ssid FiOS-DD69J
wireless-password mypasswordhere

# Wifi network configuration:
# Most networks will use DHCP
wireless-type dhcp

# Alternatively, a static address configuration
# can be provided; set "wireless-type" to static to use this.


# Type of ADS-B receiver to use with piaware.
# This is used when configuring dump1090-fa and piaware.
# Supported types are:
#  rtlsdr:    a USB-connected RTL2832U DVB-T dongle using librtlsdr/dump1090.
#  beast:     a USB-connected Mode-S Beast.
#  radarcape: a network-connected Radarcape.
#  other:     a network-connected receiver that produces Beast binary output. 
#  relay:     like "other", but will use a local relay so that only one
#             connection to the receiver is needed, and also forwards output
#             to the local dump1090 for map display.
receiver-type rtlsdr

# For a receiver type of 'rtlsdr', these control dongle settings
rtlsdr-device-index 0
rtlsdr-gain -10
rtlsdr-ppm 0

# For a receiver type of 'radarcape', radarcape-host should be set to
# the IP or hostname of the Radarcape
radarcape-host your-radarcape-hostname

# For a receiver type of 'other' or 'relay', receiver-host and receiver-port
# should set to the IP/hostname and port to connect to for data.
receiver-host your-receiver-hostname
receiver-port 30005


# Should automatic system updates (initiated by FlightAware) be allowed?
allow-auto-updates yes

# Should manual system updates (initiated by you from the website control
# panel) be allowed?
allow-manual-updates yes

# Should rfkill ("airplane mode") be set on all wireless/bluetooth
# devices on boot? This can reduce interference if you are using a Pi 3
# but not using wireless and the receiver is in close proximity to the Pi.
# For obvious reasons, this won't work if you are using a wireless network
# configuration.
rfkill no

When I load the card into the Pi and it boots to the GUI I get a No Wireless Interfaces Found message.

From the terminal I ran

sudo iwlist scan

and it returned both my main and guest network - my network was listed as ESSID: “FiOS-DD69J” so I popped the SD card back in my PC and edited the piaware-config.txt

wireless-ssid FiOS-DD69J

to read

wireless-ssid "FiOS-DD69J"

Put it back in the Pi and still having the message that no network interfaces found. (Also, my wifi password is only letters and numbers with no special characters.)

Anyone suggestions on what I need to do to connect?

Ignore what the GUI says; it only understands one specific setup, and that’s not the setup that piaware prepares.

Try “iwconfig wlan0” and see if it’s associated.

Ok, strangely enough I was just able to claim the new Pi. The mac address matches to my eth0 mac address so it’s definitely mine. I can ping the device from my router (and the mac address associated with my pi in the router matches the wlan0 mac address).

Still says no wireless interfaces found.

The new Pi hasn’t shown up in my feed yet so I’ll give it a little while and see if the data is getting through.

Thanks Obj - the GUI message threw me off. Everything looks to be working as it should.

So my Pi3 has been running since last night - when I check the web interface using ipaddress:8080 I can see aircraft and piaware-status says its running and providing info to Flightaware but it still does not show up in my feed 12 hours after claiming (only my other Pi2 set up, which is in a different physical location).


You may need to restart piaware after claiming for it to take effect.