PiAware 3.0 package-based installation


Note this is for advanced users. The simplest way to install/setup PiAware is by using the image-based SD card install. See the PiAware 3 announcement thread.

If you would like to do a package-based install of PiAware on an existing Raspberry Pi, you may now do so. The instructions for a package-based install are available on our PiAware Installation page.

(If you are interested in PiAware 2 in-place upgrades, we will have an announcement about that option in the coming days.)

Thanks for your interest in PiAware!

Announcing PiAware 3! (Latest version: 3.5.3)

Any update (even if no update yet) on PiAware2 in-place upgrades to 3.0.x?


Yes, I am able to announce today the availability of PiAware 2 upgrades to PiAware 3! Please see the upgrade announcement thread.


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Does this package contain the wireless wifi configuration? If not, what’s the command for it? I’m new here and new to Raspberry Pi. I’ve got the Pi3 with Raspbian loaded (via Noobs), so I’m thinking just type in the package commands in terminal and get PiAware 3. Correct? And thanks.


Start here. You will write your card with a package that includes everything you need. the how to instructions and links for your wifi configuration are also at this link



Ok, I downloaded the 3.0.4 img version. Put it on an SD card. When I hook an HDMI to the PI; it says “Mode Not Supported”. It worked on PiAware 2.0.5 just fine. Did you take the HDMI capability out of the image?

I need to configure my wifi. When I look on the SD card there are no folders other than OVERLAYS on a PC. How do I configure the PiAware for wifi if I can’t see anything with HDMI and there are no files.


HDMI is still enabled. There are definitely many files on the first FAT partition. You may want to try rewriting the image. There is another thread for image-based installs.


Really enjoying 3.1.0 - thank you so much! The display is great …


PS I’m unable to get Bing back … have I missed something?



Install 1: upgraded 3.0.5 (SD card) to 3.1.0 from my Stats page by giving command to device.
Install 2: formatted microSD card and burned “piaware-sd-card.3.1.0.img”.


Do you take your SD card out and take image offline, or do you do it while RPi is running?


Hi guys,
when new update for PiAware 3.0?

Is not possible add more info in that webpage?
I want add for example: icao aircraft type in table.

Any idea how we can do that?

Thanks very much.


The easiest way is to press the “Expand Sidebar” button in the upper right corner of the map page. This will hide the map, but it will show all of the columns.

It is an easy edit to also show the aircraft type in the split screen map. You will need to know how to log into the pi and change a text file.

Use putty or ssh to log into the pi. Edit the file: /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/script.js

The function setColumnVisibility(), which starts at around line 1190 in script.js, hides some of the columns when the map is showing.

Add two slash characters, “//”, to the appropriate line to prevent hiding that column. Note that I also chose to enable the registration column.

function setColumnVisibility() {
    var mapIsVisible = $("#map_container").is(":visible");
    var infoTable = $("#tableinfo");

//  showColumn(infoTable, "#registration", !mapIsVisible);
//  showColumn(infoTable, "#aircraft_type", !mapIsVisible);
    showColumn(infoTable, "#vert_rate", !mapIsVisible);
    showColumn(infoTable, "#rssi", !mapIsVisible);


Thanks very much Tover.

Where Piaware goes take aircraft data information?
We have some basestation.spb inside?

I see in my webpanel aircraft without callsign, or hexcode or aircraft type, need to update, but where we can do that?



Built in.

I see in my webpanel aircraft without callsign, or hexcode or aircraft type, need to update, but where we can do that?

The built-in database will probably be updated with each new release of the flightaware SD card image.

If you know how to download and use the files in dump1090/dev/tools (on github) then you can add your own custom entries to the csv file and rebuild the json files yourself.


i have pi3B and isntalled PiAware3.0 package via wifi connection