PI to PI 2

So given I’ve read about some issues with the PI 1 being a little slow for MLAT I ordered a PI 2.

My thought was, just move the cords over, move the SD card over and it will think it is the same receiver just faster. Appears that is wrong.

I now have the PI at a xx.xx.xx.103 address and I can connect to the map display just fine, however FA still points at the old receiver at xxx.xx.xx.117 which isn’t there anymore so it seem to think my receiver setup is down, but it really is not.

Thoughts? I ‘claimed’ my PI 2 and it shows a second receiver claimed as of today (clearly the PI 2) but it still won’t show on the STATs page.

How can I fix this without reverting to the PI from the 2?

You can fake the mac address of the Pi onto the Pi2 - then the stats will carry on, but should you want to use the Pi for a second receiver at a relatives house, the MAC address is already in use.

When I changed over 11 days ago, I broke my 350 day feeding run and just installed the Pi2 as a new reciever

Apparently, you should be able to attach the new Pi to your logon here flightaware.com/adsb/register (run the browser for this through the same internet router that the PiB is connected to)

I’m not in it for fake stat records, I just think this is cool.

It lists both receivers as claimed by my account. Perhaps it just takes 24 hours to show up on my page (new PI2 vs old PI)??

I’m gonna give it 24 hours to settle out. I already have a first generation dongle and now a spare PI 1 so I am probably going to set the PI up and drop it off at a friends house to try to increase MLAT coverage locally.

Well swapped back to the PI…The claim page says I’ve claimed both boxes but it won’t show/recognize the PI 2 box.

Next attempt will be to get another SD card and power supply (on way now) and move the PI 2 to a friends to see if it shows up once loaded on another network?!? Dunno but back up feeding data w/ plain PI at moment.

Argh…Thought this was gonna be easy.

The problem is that it is a simple as swapping the RTL-SDR and SD Card. I would add in the MAC spoofing and see if it site 4100 continues to operate under the Pi2.

Somehow, the MAC address of the Pi2 may have gotten claimed by another user?

Any chance site 11640 is yours? It’s unclaimed.

And having two feeders on the same network won’t cause any issues, so no need to take it to another house.

The graph and stats don’t show for a day or two - before getting rid of the Pi2 just hang for a while and see if it appears.

Could always raise a support call and ask why the stats for station xxx Mac address yy:yy:yy… arn’t showing.

(if you are giving a rig to someone - see if it can go 20 - 40 miles away to get good separation for MLAT)

When I first started doing this I had problems getting my receiver to show on my Stat page. At the time I was using just the stock piaware image. I tried to claim the Pi but that didn’t help. So I did the following commands and got it to work…

sudo piaware-config -user (user name) -password

sudo /etc/init.d/piaware restart

Pretty sure that is my PI 2. I took it off line 3 hours ago and swapped the card and SDR back to the old PI and go figure, this one disappeared 3 hours ago!

Claim page said it is mine but still wasn’t/isn’t showing up on STATs page.

Found 16gb Micro SD card and did fresh 2.1-2 install for PI 2. No of course it works perfectly and shows up on STATs page…Sweet