2nd Receiver questions...

So I’m thinking of building a second receiver to put at my office in the LA area.

How do I set it up so that it is on the same account as my original one?

Will a Pi3 be better than a Pi2 or should I use something else?

Thinking of the following:

V3.5 download
Flightaware Pro Stick Plus dongles
Flightaware ADS-B 1090MHz Band-pass SMA Filter

Build a spider antenna and power it up…

But how do I get it to be on the same account??

The setup you have posted will be perfect. Pi 3 has more computing power and wifi functionality.
This is the way i did things with my second feeder.
Set it up. Get on the exact same network with it. Open the browser on your computer. Log in to your FA account. Then type in the second feeder (raspberry pi) address into you browser address bar. Click Claim feeder button and you are all set.

It worked…!!

I was wondering how… I was to find the address so I just went to my router and found the piaware and the address for it entered the site address and then it went to flightaware and I chose to claim it!!