Upgrading to Pi2 Model B

I am getting high CPU usage warning messages on my PiAware setup, though it is working well. The suggestion is to get a Pi2, so I did – wanted another Pi just to play with anyway.

I think the stats are based on site number, and when one “claims” a site it uses the Ethernet MAC address to establish the site’s identity.

Well, since this is a new Pi, it will have a different MAC address. I really do not want to lose my ( hard earned, so to speak) stats, with a “streak” going of over a year. Also, many stats are “thirty day trailing” in nature so re-establishing them takes a month.

Thanks to another user here on the forums, I know how to spoof the MAC address, however that seems inelegant. Can flightaware support transfer a site to a new MAC address upon request? Perhaps they have a web form to submit such a request hidden away somewhere?

If so, how would they like me to proceed… Get the new PiAware up and running, claim it, and then let them know so they can merge the “two” sites? Or maybe send them the old MAC, the new MAC, and the site ID?

Thanks! Don

‘They’ say you keep your historic stats, but when the 30days since your old Pi has connected is past - those old stats vanish with it.

I lost 365 days.

That isn’t a good result! Hoping to avoid that! Maybe spoofing the MAC address is the better way to go.

Ive lost stats even with my PI being the same, its not a big deal really. I started a year ago this 26th, but my stats date is 15 October this year. Its not why I feed.

While I agree to a point, I guess my competitive nature makes me think that losing long term stats really sux rocks, and I would feel extremely screwed over if they were lost and might (may, not will) choose to put the Pi to some other use if they were indeed lost. The stats are one of the “rewards” for going to the trouble and expense of setting up a PiAware, and Flightaware should respect that.

I MAC spoofed mine when migrating to a Pi2. The challenge is making sure the other Pi remains spoofed also so that you do not end up with two Pis with the same MAC on your network.


I was just thinking about that. Hmmm. Have to relegate the old one to the lab net, that will isolate it and won’t be running PiAware anyway.

I swapped out a Pi B for B+ and just retired the old one. 'bout the same cost as a parking ticket. :slight_smile: