Please remove Site 14842


This was created inadvertently. I forgot to spoof the MAC address when setting up a new Pi. The original Pi had stats going back a year and I didn’t want to lose them.

It would be nice if FlightAware used sharing keys like other sites. :bulb:

How would FlightAware identify a Pi A which has no ethernet interface??


I think they fall off automatically after 30 days of no activity. (And a Pi with no Ethernet interface would have a problem connecting to the network in the first place, :smiley: )


Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a dormant site that stayed “alive” longer than 30 days.

The Pi A can use a USB wireless adapter.


Looks like the A and the CM both get MAC’s assigned to them, even without the ethernet port. (If not, the Wifi module would have a MAC…)


The software looks at the hardware MAC address, it doesn’t use the wireless MAC for FA.