Why I (almost) stopped feeding to FlightAware


I was feeding to flightaware since 2015, I began with quite simple setup - pi model b, noname Chinese dongle, and poor antenna. During a time I was improving my setup, spent time and money. So I bought prostick, then prostick+ and quite good coax cable, build a good antenna etc. etc. so my stats still growed up. Till today. Today I replaced my old pi B with new one pi 3. A lot of passion and effort I would say…

And then, I realized that I have another site which feeds from my new pi 3. I requested support for some help and I asked them to switch me back to my old site. So, they said, that they cannot (a support-man was very kind by the way)! A bit ridiculous and disappointing situation! It means that I lost a years of my effort… damn! I am really defeated…
I was trying to revert it by my own but I couldn’t…

by the way - I appreciate a lot of work spent to develop this but I really hate this new candy-look of “My ADS-B” site - old one was clear and light and friendly to mobile users. Using this new one from mobile is like a nightmare.

Dont loose heart.
Since your old Pi was registered before March 20, 2017, you can make your new Pi3 to feed the same old station, and get the same station number with all old data and ranking, by spoofing its MAC address to old Pi’s MAC address.

Hello abcd,

I was trying to fix this based on tutorial you made (Bake a Pi) but unfortunately, new site uses the same mac address as my old one but with a new feeder id (I mean this long one) so after I forced my old mac address on /boot/cmdline.txt I couldn’t start piaware service due to invalid feeder id. I was wondering if I can delete my “new” site but I can’t find such option so I gave up :frowning:
If you have an Idea how to get deal with this I am still wide open to try… Any help will be really appreciated!

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after I forced my old mac address on /boot/config.txt I couldn’t start piaware service due to invalid feeder id

That is the mistake.
There are two files as listed below, and you got mixed up between the two:

Dont add your old old MAC address in file /boot/piaware-config.text. That file is for adding the NEW long 128 bit ID.

The old MAC address is to be added to the file /boot/cmdline.txt

What is your install?
(1) Piaware 3.5 image (SD card)
(2) Jessie + Piaware 3.5 (package install) + dump1090-fa (package install)

If install (1), use Option-1, Step 5 (c) (i) of “Bake a Pi”
If install (2), use Option-2, Step 9 (i) of “Bake a Pi”

First remove the line:

feeder-id mac address

from the file /boot/piaware-config.txt, else you will keep getting the warning “corrupt feeder id”

your old site ill be lost in 30 days of inactivity.

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Hi abcd,
First of all-Thnx for reply ! My setup is “2” and I made step 9 but following your advice, I deleted feeder id from piaware-config and it seems that I am back with my feed on my old id!!! So, many thanks for your help!!!

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I really don’t get it… What is it that you would be loosing? The data uploaded isn’t lost. You still have your local dump1090. You still have an enterprise account. I don’t understand. Is it a ranking (which has no meaning)? That ranking is restored within a month.

Hi N456TS, yes it sounds too dramatically but try to see this from different perspective: there is an information since where you are feeding, your longest streak, you can search through history on the polar graph, and I like my user ID too, etc. etc. so, I would say this does matter for me. My rank actually doesn’t and I don’t care of it.
So, sometimes it makes me a bit nervous when I have to struggle with such - small in fact - but annoying things. That’s my point and I don’t force you to share it.

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