Changing PI's (from B+ to 3). Will site ID stay

Can I just swap the card to the new 3 (decided not to go 3+) and have it retain site ID.

Also going to retire my COCO as I bought the Flightaware ADSB Antenna as well as a pro stick Plus (have the pro stick) …

Basically a nice upgrade of the site.

The Station number is no more linked to Pi’s mac address. It is now linked to feeder-id also known as UUID (unique user id).

As the feeder-id (UUID) is saved in the card, your Site number should be preserved when you change the Pi, but use same card.

However in unlikely case of not getting back same Site number by default, you can still get it back manually by method given here:

For Begginers - How to Get Back Existing Station Number in A Fresh Install


So far just the PI 3 and the Prostick + with filter … Big improvement already. I see farther distances and more messages per second (per modemixer) … Its pouring rain out so Ill put the antenna out later. Should see a big improvement with that too :slight_smile:
Happy Camper.


Antenna is up now. Running optimize-gain currently see what is best for new set up.
to summarize I went from

PI B+ to PROSTICK to Flightaware Filter to homemade CO CO


PI 3 to PROSTICK plus to flightaware filter to Flightaware antenna.

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Best configuration at reasonable cost.

Must say Im a bit disappointed. Same numbers with new stuff as Old :frowning::frowning_face:

It’s not exact science, unfortunately. It requires some time experimenting with different gain settings, at the very least. Small changes can produce very different outcomes. One needs to decide whether to focus on planes seen or messages, or both, for example. I go for planes seen.

Don’t give up, it’s part of the fun. I’m still trying to figure out how I went from an average of 850 planes seen a day to around 400.