New ID / Site location Two stations ???

Hi, what happen here…

I have had the tracker FlyTT14 running since October 2015 and now today I got a mail telling me
Good news! We are now receiving and processing live data from your PiAware (ecfeebxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

In the list I can see two stations with FlyTT14 … tats-14498

The location on one of them is wrong, how can I get things back to normal

It seems that I got a new ID as well, the old one I have had since oct. 2015 was/is 14498 but the new one has got 56556

and the Pi has got a new mac address: the old one has been b8:27:eb:c7:e1:d9 and now the new one is c6:7a:58:a6:02:74

Has there been a remote update/upgrade ?

No, we have not pushed any remote upgrades recently.

The change in MAC address is the cause. I don’t know what triggers that, I can’t reproduce it on my Pi here.

strange, I have not changed anything except from a update/upgrade command yesterday that have done many times before the Pi is the same as it always have been
Is it possible to switch it back so that I can keep my stats ?

Well… yeah. That is what you changed.

Is it possible to switch it back so that I can keep my stats ?

If you can restore the old MAC address then you’ll switch back to the old site.

ok but how can a update/upgrade change the mac address ?
I did not realize that the mac address was not hard-coded in the nic.

I found this description on how to set it back
and I can see that it is ok now my dhcp server but how do I adjust piaware back to the old “code”

ok but how can a update/upgrade change the mac address ?

It is likely to be a kernel or firmware update that caused the MAC address issue. On a Pi the MAC address is derived from the CPU/SoC serial number and set during initialization, not hardcoded into the ethernet hardware. Presumably an update introduced a problem in there somewhere. (Few devices have a truely hardcoded MAC address these days)

but how do I adjust piaware back to the old “code”

There was no change to piaware so there is nothing to adjust back.

Currently you will be using a new feeder ID which is used in preference to the MAC address. To remove that feeder ID, stop piaware, remove /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id, and restart piaware.

Or you could just revert the whole system to an unmodified 3.5.0 sdcard image.

Thank you obj :smiley:

I’m back online with my old site code

This one :Site 56556 can be deleted

Have bumped into the same issue and noticed, that new MAC was from ethernet network adapter (eth0), while my Rasberry Pi connected via WiFi, and my previous site id was wlan0 MAC. To check MAC adresses run this command:

ifconfig -a

Removing /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id did not help. After piaware is restarted there is new /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id file with new random id.

sudo mv /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id_bak
sudo systemctl restart piaware
pi@img-1.2:~$ ls /var/cache/piaware/
feeder_id  feeder_id_bak  location  location.env

Can I use

sudo piaware-config feeder-id my_old_MAC

command to set MAC instead new id?

No. Feeder IDs are not the same as MAC addresses.

piaware has always used eth0’s MAC address when available, not the wlan MAC.

To get back your old station number:
(1) Spoof mac address
(2) Delete automaticaally generated feeder id.

Please see this post, which gives the details of this solution.

Also read after it the comments by someone who successfully tried it:

And this one after it for further explanation:

Thank you abcd567, MAC spoofing has helped me. I noticed that I have a new MAC for my wlan0, probably it’s connected with this issue: … issues/471


I have gotten my feeders straight. MAC spoofed and feeder ids removed and all is fine again. Now one last thing to clean up. How do I remove the erroneous feeders Site 56582 – ETHF and Site 56583 – EDIU from my account?

fred4fish, they will be deleted automatically after one month.

Thx for the answers. Helped me too.