Need to replace my RPi

Well, after several months of nearly continuous operation it appears that my Pi has bitten the dust for good. Today I ordered a new one which should be here in about a week. I’m assuming that bringing a new RPi online means all the statistics for this location will be lost and I will be starting from scratch. Is there a way to transition to a new board without losing the identity?


I’ve asked the same question of FA Support and never received an answer so I’m guessing no…Unless you spoof the MAC address of the old PI on the new one.

Here is a link to a discussion among those who have gone before you.


And FA, why no answer to my query?


AHA! Thanks for the lead to the previous thread on the topic… The original topic sorta disguised it :slight_smile: Since my stats will basically be destroyed by the down time anyway, I guess I’ll just register the new Pi. MLT has changed the loading of the CPU…rather congested area here. (KIAD) So, I think I’ll also take the suggestion to overclock a bit as well.

Sure appreciate the reply,
Dave K4DPF

If it’s a new site, it should have separate statistics. We now track streaks by user as well as by site, so we’ll soon display your aggregate streak across devices.

That is good news. Will all statistics be preserved for a user or just the streak of continuous feed?

I don’t want to create a new site. I just want to change out a piece of the hardware.

Bet you didn’t know you created a monster when you added the Statistics page. :slight_smile:

I still have my great grandfather’s old axe. It’s now over 100 years old, though its handle has been replaced three times and its head replaced twice…

Last week I replaced my ol’ overclocked overworked PiB with a Pi2 - It’s coping easily without overclocking, eventually it should settle about 80-85 in the 30 day ranking.

Well, the new RPi2 arrived and I just pulled the SD card from the old one and plugged it into the new one. Everything fired up just fine; FA found it and established the new site. After configuring location and antenna height the MLAT is REALLY producing. There are far more purple planes than grey ones. For some reason I am seeing fewer reports going out in the log than before and the range doesn’t seem as long…e.g. not seeing as many aircraft as far north as NYC or off the Jersey coast. I’ll let it run for a week or so and then go in to check the receiver chain.

Thanks for the comment about overclocking on the RPi2. I’ll take your advice and watch it over time before going that route.

Quick question: Will the old site for the dead RPi eventually disappear from stats after the data gets too old?


Takes 30 days.
It would be nice to be able to kill it off, so if you give the old rig away - it comes back as a new installation and doesn’t re-attach to your stats.

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