Renew Pi and old statistics account


I must renew my pi and software. After renew and new installation of piaware statistic say that there was no traffic since one day also no live data.

I missing information where log file is for checking or if there is a trouble with my old statistic. Would be nice if someone can assist.

Must i delete my old site to get a working new one?

My Site is 40338. Thanks for every help.

Edit: I killed now my old site… And get from piaware a new site… and tadaaa… my old buggy site is back after delete and the new site will not appear… Thats bad. New Site is 43474 and will be updated. I think there is an issue in the system with my mac address.


See ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/changes-to-how-new-piaware-feeders-are-identified-t38801.html (about creation of the new site after changing hardware)
and post207135.html#p207135 (about the bug with the old site being recreated)


Thanks you very much. That do the trick i thing. Log looks fine i will wait what stats do now.


I think its not totally done… I have some issue on stats page:

Captain, we have three red…

And also this anomalies:

I have enough power i checked this via top and df -h is also ok. There are only used 33% of disk.


It’s all red. Nothing changed. Whats wrong with it?