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ADS-B site gone

So I havent logged onto my Piaware device for ages. I did tonight but where has everything gone? Where are the stats? I used to be able to see how many contacts I had made. When I go to my page it says I dont have a site. Is Piaware defunct? Not being factious but this doesnt seem like the system I remember


Maybe you have 2 accounts or something?

If you are running a feeder, you should be able to claim it if it isn’t claimed yet.

Do you have console access to your RPi?
Or can you check the local RPi webpage for the version at http://my-pi/dump1090-fa/ ?
You’ll have to replace my-pi with the correct IP address obviously.

Thankyou for youre reply.

No I dont have two accounts. I can go to the local page fine. I can see the 4 boxes with information. Then a “Go To Map” function.

This doesnt seem anything like what I recall.

Yes I have a feeder. When I go to the stats page it tells me No Such ADS-B site exists.

So what does this page say:


If you can’t claim it and you don’t have console access on the RPi already, i’d suggest just using a fresh piaware image as described here: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build

It says that my account is associated with the following PIAware receivers. If I click the link to my statistics it takes me here


Everything green?

So are any receivers listed?

For me it looks this:

Linked PiAware Receivers (wiedehopf)
Great news! Your account is associated with the following PiAware receivers and you can view your statistics here:

Site 78137 - pi - 123123asd-1234-adsf-asdf-asdf234234sf: PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 3.7 added Sunday, April 8, 2018 ( /

My account is associated with with for receivers, but only is active, the entry starts with
site + number

No everythign isnt green. It says im connected to the receiver but no data is seen. It also says MLAT is enabled. I know previously everything was green.

Yes, I have this:

Great news! Your account is associated with the following PiAware receivers and [you can view your statistics here]

  1. 17b3aa98-4d3c-447b-961a-f0240e679836: PiAware (SD Card) 3.6 added Thursday, 23 November 2017 ( /

It should start with the site + number, you can have inactive feeders associated with you acount,
like a site you used for testing and then stopped using

So the problem is that you are not transmitting any data and probably haven’t been for quite some time, therefore your stats page was removed.

Most likely the USB receiver or the cabling has gone bad.

Sorry, this is all it says:

Linked PiAware Receivers (darrenyorston)

Great news! Your account is associated with the following PiAware receivers and you can view your statistics here:

  1. 17b3aa98-4d3c-447b-961a-f0240e679836: PiAware (SD Card) 3.6 added Thursday, 23 November 2017 ( /

I have deleted my stats link as this forum wont let me post it for some reason.

ahh well. thanks for the information. ill just toss the device and use my Pi for something else.

apparently my posts are being reported as spam. i keep getting messages to say they are being hidden.

Not sure who’s doing that, but as you’ll just toss the receiver anyhow, this thread is somewhat useless now anyhow, so it really doesn’t matter.

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No, only the one with the link to the stats, although it did work for a while.

If you change your mind, you could add the feeder to a new installation and probably get your „old“ site back.

Congratulations, It is working now.
You have old image (ver 3.6.3). Better reimage with latest ver 3.7.2

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The later versions bury the information panel under the table so it takes several keyclicks to find RSSI and Last Seen whereas the older releases put it all in a moveable box on the map. Much easier to see.

On a different note, one of my Pi receivers is extracting and processing message data and we are not sure if the process will continue after an upgrade. It is still running 3.3.0 with no apparent ill affects except that the Statistics page always shows an Anomaly

Current and a suggestion to upgrade to the Current Version 3.5

The 3 coloured buttons always has a Red




hi there…thanks for letting me know…how did that happen?

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Maybe you have a bad power supply or the USB connection wasn’t working properly.
I’d assume you restarted the device or replugged the USB?

It started feeding data to FA again, thus your statistics page reappeared.

Didn’t you just modify the old release according to my instructions?
I don’t think RSSI was ever in the mouseover box by default.

You would probably enjoy this interface: https://github.com/wiedehopf/tar1090#tar1090

The hover box at least has RSSI :wink:
But last seen you’d have to add yourself if you really need it.


I may have misled you. It is the popup box when I click the aircraft not the hover box which you correctly state does not have RSSI

I follow most of the discussions of the great enhancements you do for the Pi based ADS-B but in general my interest is in the RF side of antenna, location, feed, amplifiers, filters and location.

I know I said location twice but I like location (with due deference to Blazing Saddles)

I’m also interested in Traffic Control and queuing and watching how it all goes horribly wrong whenever the weather turns inclement and they use only one runway or need to increase the spacing between aircraft.

After setting up on Cocos Keeling Island proved successful we have now found a friendly hilltop a long way East in Victoria and we are negotiating putting a new site that will cover over 200NM further east in the Tasman Sea towards New Zealand. We have secured somewhere for the computer and radio and a reasonable spot for the antenna but still to work out the data feed. Seems there is no internet.

Keep up the great work and the exceptional support that you provide and if it is your thing A Merry Xmas.



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