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How can I tell it is working?

I just set up my receiver. Its been on for a couple hours and I have yet to see any statistics on the web page. Is there a way to verify it is working? On the FA website it says I have been associated with a receiver, but I expected to see at least one plane by now…

There’s a link from the stats page that will show you what your receiver is seeing, live. You’ll have to be on the local network.

We’re working on improving the receiver page (improvements are released every day), but you can see here:


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It’s working!

I don’t mean to hijack but I was wondering the same thing and came across this topic. My stats page doesn’t look like the one you linked: flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/chevyman142000

I have moved it to a few different windows on my second story thinking it wasn’t getting decent signal or something. Been running for over a day now.


Did you visit flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/claim ?

Yep. A few times and it tells me that that it is associated to a mac address that matches the mac on the pi.

In case it helps, here is a snip of the piaware.out pastebin.com/GfacNVSY


Hm I see it’s registered but we’re not receiving data. What happens if you visit ?

I tried going to that last night when it didn’t seem like it was working and it showed me a map and 2 clocks. Tonight it just sits there spinning but doesn’t load that page. I can see that dump1090 is running. Also, I didn’t install all of the software. I used the pre-made image that I downloaded from the site here.

Thanks for looking into this!


Can you describe your antenna installation and configuration? It sounds like your system is running fine . . . except it’s not receiving any ADS-B data.

Sure can…hopefully this isn’t the issue. I don’t have a way to put it outside, yet. I currently have it on the second story of my house. Both the Pi and the antenna that came with the dongle are in the Window. I have had it on the West side of my house, which is where the nearest airport is, and now currently on the South side of my house where I see the most planes go by.

That should work great. Can you try unplugging everything and plugging it back in? THe power, USB connections, antenna connections, etc.

Yep, I’ll go do that right now.

Edit: Ok, I unplugged and re-plugged everything. I also used a different power supply this time, for some reason in the back of my mind I was thinking it could be a power issue with this adapter I’ve not used before. I checked the logs on the pi and it is now seeing messages! I’ll keep watching and waiting for the stats page to update but I think we made some progress!

Any thoughts on if it makes a difference to have the antenna vertical or horizontal? I was thinking about hanging it outside the window so that it is outside, but it would most likely go horizontal then.

So it looks like it stopped again. I’m re-downloading and putting onto the sd card again and will try to see if that helps. If not, I’m leaning towards the USB ADS-B receiver being bad. Good thing Amazon has an awesome return policy.

From my experience the RasPI can be picky regarding the power supply used. The SDR (and anything else you plug in) seems to increase that. Make sure you have a nice beefy USB power supply, at least 1A and 2A is better.

Thanks for the help. I just didn’t wait for the confirmation email. The status page link was in there. Another question… is there a way to tell what version of the Piaware software I have running?

Hmm no, we need to add that, but you’re running 1.15. Did you install the new beta?

I just installed 1.15_1 blindly. During the install it said I was upgrading from 1/13_1

Kludgy, but if you restart Piaware, the version is in /tmp/piaware.out file. If it runs more than two days that log is overwritten.

Until the next version

On the FlightAware webpage, I can no longer see any statistics of my receiver. There’s a tab for it, but nothing in it. Anyone else have this problem?