Trouble with MLAT


Hi there

I had up until yesterday been running my RPI2 with a NooElec dongle and a Cantennae from inside my greenhouse. All had been syncing well and had a streak of 109 days.

I bought a new antennae and moved the RPI to the loft and all is back up and running well but it will not sync with MLAT.

If I go to then I get the dump1090 screen and not the FA dump screen. My clock is set correctly and I am at a loss as what to do.

If I was to do a fresh reinstall of Raspian and then start again and add a new receiver, would I lose my historical data from site 41039, I would prefer not to if possible.

I also upload data to FR24 and from the same unit and they are still receiving data.

Help please!!!

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Have you updated the kernel on your Pi2? Have a shufti here.

Log in via SSH and type uname -a

If it’s 4.9.x then it looks like you need to follow the instructions in ^^^ thread to revert it back to 4.4.5


You can retain your existing site by configuring the site’s feeder ID (“piaware-config feeder-id xxxxxx”) after reimaging. The feeder ID is the “unique identifier” shown on … tats-41039


Downgraded as suggested and all seems fine now thanks, looks like it is a RPI2 issue.

I might try the fresh image approach and copy the feeder ID to a new card running Jessie lite to see how that works, thanks for the advice.