Problem with MLAT?

My feeder 12366 seems to be having problems syncing with the MLAT servers. My test feeder 82864 is working fine. Other local stations which I compare mine against are having similar problems.
The problem started sometime yesterday 27 March 2022.

Where are both feeders located? Is ADS-B still performing OK on the problem feeder? Are both feeders using the same kinds of Pi and SDR dongle?

Looks like server overload. I restarted a few things, let’s see if there’s an improvement at all.

@obj I noticed that my feeders had not checked in for over 30 minutes this morning. All looking OK at the moment.
@jaymot obj thinks it is a server overload.
I’ll answer your questions anyway.
Both feeders are here at home. ADS-B is fine on both. Different versions of the Pi and slightly different versions of software. Both systems have been running fine for years. I noticed my main feeder 12366 was not syncing yesterday afternoon whereas my test one was. I looked around some local feeders and some were fine whereas others had no MLAT sync.

@obj Spoke too soon! It has been OK for about an hour now only seeing sync with 3 local receivers. Whilst I was writing this post it has gone back to 739 syncs !? I know my router occasionally disconnects from the local exchange, maybe that is causing the servers a problem?

The problem is that, essentially, the frontend server for your region is overloaded and slowly starts getting behind realtime. Once it’s far enough behind, (a) the results it generates are not timely enough to be useful for deriving mlat positions and (b) it starts dropping incoming messages to try to catch up again. So it’ll work for a while, then it’ll drop a bunch of data (which usually breaks synchronization) and start over.

I will need to do another rebalancing of the mlat regions to break up the load, that might take a few days to get to.

@obj OK, thanks for the information. Happy to wait a few days :wink:

@obj Any news on this problem as it is still happening? Thanks.

I will try to get to this tomorrow; but if that doesn’t happen it may be May before it happens.

@obj OK thanks for the update

Rebalancing has been done now and the server load looks better, though we won’t really know until Europe gets busy in another 12 hours or so.

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@obj All looking good after 24 hours. Many thanks.

I can report that it’s working without issues.

Number of synced stations is reduced, the number of reported MLAT positions as well, but the reported aircraft is stable on the same level

Can also confirm working fine here in UK too :+1:

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