Significant drop in connected MLAT neighbors

I have identified a significant drop of nearby receivers today.

Normally i have over the day between 600 and 700, but currently less than 500.
Not that i am worried about it, but would like to understand this unusual deviation.

Together with that the number of MLAT positions has dropped. Normally it is around 65 to 80 positions per reported aircraft, currently only 40

Any ideas welcome :slight_smile:

I’m bouncing back and forth between 250-ish and 275-ish, which is a pretty normal range for me. SW Washington state, if region makes a difference.

It’ll be related to this.

Specifically this:

I seem to recall there was some rebalancing done a while ago when were were getting MLAT sync with over 1000 nearby receivers, that reduced numbers as well.

This would be my normal deviation. But > 100 less than usual is in question.

Yes, maybe but this was 10 days ago. My drop started today

The last post in that thread from @obj was made 17 hours ago where he said he’s rebalanced. That fits in with your timescale, doesn’t it?

Uff, i should read more careful. Thanks.
It was arount 8-10 hours ago, but it still can match. I am not checking it every hour

Yes, this will be related to rebalancing.

The short version is: we have many mlat frontends, receivers are allocated to a frontend based on their location, synchronization can only happen between receivers on the same frontend, and each frontend has a maximum capacity that roughly relates to the number of receivers it can handle. When we run the rebalancing process, we update the receiver-to-frontend assignments so that no frontend has too many receivers. If you’re on a busy frontend you’ll necessarily see a drop in the number of “neighbour” receivers, because we needed to reduce the load there.


Thanks @obj

Looking at the receivers around me they seem to have the same drop of numbers.
My location is in the middle of Germany which becomes pretty busy these days.

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