MLAT counts dropped significantly

I noticed this week that my MLAT counts dropped almost in half. I have checked other sites near me and see that they have no change during the same time period. I have tried rebooting and that didn’t change anything.

The installation is an outside antenna.

Where do I go from here? Could it be an antenna issue?

Probably not your fault. The server may be overloaded.

I’m wondering maybe if people could specify what altitudes they are interested in, that it would unload the servers. For example, I don’t really care about anything above 10 kft.

Did you reboot the rpi? May help & shouldn’t hurt.

MLAT groups were rebalanced this week, you may have moved to a different grouping.

I am wondering the same thing. Counts have dropped significantly since December 2nd. Rebooted and ‘restarted dump1090’ with no changes. I’ve been seeing the infamous yellow box stating ‘problems fetching data from dump 1090’ the past day or two. I have not seen it the past few hours, but wondering what is going on. No changes to the antenna or Pi…???
/jim :question:

I’ve rebooted and seen no change.


My numbers looked pretty good before - now I am in the toilet in comparison.

You may see a drop if you were previously in the overlapping border of two mlat regions and are now in one region only. Just a result of how the load is divided rather than anything to do with your site.

Does this effect the rank on the 30 day ranking statistics? Last I checked, rank was ADS-B aircraft seen + MLAT aircraft seen + other aircraft seen.

Aircraft will move between mlat and other categories, the total is unaffected

Is there a map available that shows the MLST regions?