Mlat changes?

since today my count of nearby receivers is only the half of past days. Also my mlat positions decreased.
Any changes after the maintenance?


Yes, the server layout was rebalanced so you are likely to see different behaviour.

as we get only mlat positions back from flightaware where our site is used for mlat - we will have less aircrafts we get positions back from now on?

Before the changes I had round about 120000 mlat positions a day. Yesterday and today it will only around 45000.
If I compare this with a station 33km far from me that still have the same count of mlat positions.

I need some help to understand this.

Probably you moved from one side of a region boundary to the other when the regions were rebalanced.

As of this morning, after a reboot, piaware isn’t starting up MLAT at all for me. Is this related? It seems like the server is never requesting it so it doesn’t get enabled. Site 15021 if that helps.

Is there a map where we can see where we sit in our mlat-sync region? Just out of curiosity.

This is why you don’t run development versions of piaware on sites you care about. You provided a GPS location once; now you must always provide a GPS location. This is a server-side issue that I need to get fixed before the development version is ready for use.

(If you’re never run gpsd on that hardware, let me know and I’ll dig further)

There are some internal tools but nothing suitable for general consumption at the moment. It might be nice to have a toggle that shows you the regions that you’re in on the site page or something like that.

I have plugged a GPS receiver into there before, causing gpsd to come up. Plugged it back in just now, and the mlat client started back up, so the diagnosis seems spot on, thanks.

Just trying to report an issue I noticed, wasn’t trying to cause you headache on the server side.

A sign that mobile ADS-B/MLAT reporting is coming soon? :slight_smile:

I can reset the site to manual location if you disconnect the GPS; let me know if you want me to do that.

It seems like I haven’t had a large drop in the number of MLAT synchronized stations but I still saw a big MLAT drop after the server rebalance, assuming I’m recalling correctly before the change of around 100 stations. Does anyone know what might explain this?

The number of synchronized receivers is mostly irrelevant since it is a maximum, not a total. As above, you are probably in a different set of regions to before the rebalancing.

Any pointers on how gpsd would work if I wanted to run a mobile piAware?

Gpsd support will be in the next piaware version.

So does that mean you could do MLAT while moving? Or just as a method to update your stationary location?

Should work fine while moving; piaware will send location updates upstream whenever the gpsd-reported location has moved sufficiently.