Reciver and Pi upgrade procedures

After a week on line, I decided to upgrade my Pi 2 and DTV dongle to a Pi 3 and FlightAware Pro (as well as fabricating a new antenna).

Can I change my setup over and keep my current stats? What’s the proper procedure to do that?


I was searching for an answer on this as well. I’m planning to replace my Rasp Pi 2 B with a model 3. The 2B with it’s Wifi dongle has gotten glitchy on the net.

Still looking for answers but saw one post that said you had to hack the MAC address of the new PI to match the old one. However I’ve also found some posts saying this may not be possible for the Wifi interface. Still searching…

Here is the prior thread on this:

I do this by editing /boot/cmdline.txt to force the MAC address of the wired adapter to match the old Pi. FA uses the wird adapter MAC address for stats even if you connect via wireless. The only trick is that cmdline.txt can be only one line…no carriage returns allowed. Add smsc95xx.macaddr=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX to the cmdline.txt file, where the X’s are your old MAC address.

Great info, thanks!

Excellent! Just what I was looking for.

Be advised, however, that the usual way (at least for me) to find the original wired MAC address won’t work on the FlightAware Pi install. I normally do a ifconfig -a from the command line to see this info; however, that command isn’t included on the FlightAware Raspberry Pi Linux package.

Thus, use the following to find the MAC address of the system you are replacing:

cat /sys/class/net/eth0/address

Thanks for the info!

Is it possible to pull the SD card out of a Pi 2 model B and put it into a Pi 3 and have it work (if based on the current FlightAware distribution)? or does it require going through the whole install and setup again?


It’s there, just /sbin is not in the pi user’s PATH.

This worked for me, but wasn’t as straight forward as I expected.
First, I’m not a Linux person (and don’t particularly want to be either).

Trying to edit cmdline.txt on the live system failed due to write-protect.

Trying to edit cmdline.txt with notepad on a win7 pc (initially) failed because regardless of how I did the edit, I still ended up with a cr or lf and the “smsc~” command on the next line.

I remembered a similar problem years ago (SCSI drivers I think) and the edit that worked was to insert the new command into the start of the file, not the end. For some reason windoz doesn’t insert the lf (and stuff things up).

Yes I’ve done that.

I did my swap out today and it went without a hitch. After setting the MAC address, just popped the SD card into the new Pi 3 and it started working.

I’m hoping this fixes some of the network issues I have seen with the Pi 2 B.

I received from Flightaware a Flightfeeder. Working almost two months.
I think I get ADS-B 1090MHz Band-Pass Filter SMA from FlightAware for him.
It somehow improves signal quality? Flightfeeder filter is included?

Your flightfeeder does not require an external filter and in fact adding a filter will break the GPS so don’t add one.

Thanks for the reply. I will try to raise my the antenna a little when is warmer outside. The antenna is installed in an attic.