PHOTO of Mid-air collision - 2 Cessna 150's Louisiana . . .

Aircraft involved are two privately owned C150F’s a 1965 model N8642S, and a 1966 model N8072F.

PINEVILLE, La. (AP) – Two small planes at a recreational pilots gathering in central Louisiana collided in the air, killing two and injuring two.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford says each single-engine Cessna 150 carried two people when they hit and crashed into woods Saturday afternoon near Pineville Regional Airport.

Lunsford says both people who died were in one plane. He says the second plane’s occupants were taken to a hospital. He did not know how badly they were hurt.

Spokesman Terry Williams said the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate.

The Fall Fly-In, a social event for recreational pilots, was in its second day at the airport.

The airport is on Lake Buhlow (BYOO-low), a popular recreation area where boat races were scheduled Saturday.

I herd some about that on Fox News a little while ago… :frowning:

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Horrific sight.

I agree. Mid-air’s are bad…

I’m surprised one of the planes appears to be virtually intact.


That’s an idiotic and tasteless comment.

Apology offered and agreed. Deleted Comment.


I read that the planes were performing a fly by. Formation flying is never to be taken lightly. Training, preparation and pre-flight planning are MANDATORY. Who knows how it happened, but with 2 survivors, and, since it was a fly-in, some pilot witnesses, may help to determine the cause. Very sad.

I didn’t think it was all that bad, certainly have seen worse here.