PANYNJ to take over KSWF

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First JetBlue and AirTran arriving, now this: NOW maybe we will will get some decent fares around here!

This literally has been discussed/proposed/wished for ever since the USAF pulled out 37 years ago…




having lived in the new york area until I was 22 and then having family there and given how New Yorkers think, if they wanted to take a flight out of Albany, they would have driven there in the first place.

Stewart is under utilized, large airport, in the middle of nowhere. It was in the middle of nowhere when the USAF pulled out 37 years ago and still, after 37 years of growth of the NYC metro area, is STILL in the middle of nowhere. People in Atlanta may drive 2 hours to BHM to save a few bucks on Southwest, but New Yorkers will not - many city folk do not have cars even. MAYBE you will get people from north Jersey to drive there - maybe there are enough people who will want to add a 2 hour drive to their trip.

The airport is in the Hudson River Valley and get lots of ice in the winter - the runway had very long displaced thresholds at either end - not a problem for landing since the remaining distance is like 8800 minimum!