Interesting comments from JBU's Barger regarding SWF

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I go to LAS every year - a one seat ride would be :smiley:

The PA officially takes over on Nov 1, about the same time SWF gets a direct exit of the nearby Interstate. The direct NYS Thruway- I84 exit should be done in a year or so.

for those who say the market is not there - here is a stat:

There are over 500,000 people within an hour’s drive from SWF, 750,000 within 75 minutes.

maybe its time for the stepchild to grow up a little bit


I must admit, I have no idea what you are talking about!


JetBlue employees have too many under-age stepchildren in Las Vegas!


Yeah, but that alone doesn’t guarantee or justify a lot of service. CAK and CLE are both within an hour’s drive of 1.5 million people, but jetBlue’s closest destinations are CMH & PIT, both a little over two hours’ drive away. The best asset of SWF is that it can be used to take some of the overflow off of the “Big Three” of the Big Apple. Take SWF and the 750,000 people “around” it and plant them farther from NYC, and jetBlue would never even give you a second look. No offense, it’s just the nature of their business.


Stewart/Newburgh(KSWF) is a great airport with big runways, good approaches, decent facilities, etc… It is immediately adjacent to both the New York Thruway (I-87) and I-84. The problem is that to get to the terminal, you have about 10 minutes of driving on surface streets with not much in the way of signage. The last mile or two is on a 2 lane county road! Hardly the recipe for turning this into a valid alternative to the Big 3. However, if improvements can be made regarding access to the airport, good parking, etc… SWF is in an ideal position to steal business away from EWR, LGA, and ALB.


Harrisburg (MDT) is within an hour of at least a million people. Right off the highway. Brand new terminal and facility.

It’s still the red-headed stepchild of PA airports. :frowning:


All of which is happening - the direct exit from I 84 is literally days away from completion (the connector road is called…are you ready… NY Route 747…oy)…the Port Authority is promising expanded parking/terminal facilities as soon as it possibly can…one sign something is up is that nearly every major hotel chain is building or planning hotels on or near the site. Stewart survived many years of inept, absentee management, so with a REAL operator, things should, and will get better.

In about a year, one will be able to go directly from the Thruway onto 84, then to the Stewart connector with NO local traffic- the general feeling around here ( I live about 15 miles from SWF), is that once that happens, the joint will bust WIDE open…


Good luck with that. :unamused:

(You could be right. It’s just that there are more than a few expensive airport and/or airport thruway projects that SHOULD attract throngs of passengers and airlines, yet they stagnate year after year…)