where would you want Southwest airlines to fly next

where do you want southwest airlines to fly next in the united states there are many place where southwest can fly i want you to pick a place where you think SWA well do good please give me one spot thanks and merry christmas

CVG. Someone needs to go in there and bring the pricing down to competitive levels.


MEM. Someone needs to compete against Delta there.

Thing of it is - both MEM and CVG have become somewhat borderline in terms of being a true “hub”. :frowning: You likely would not see much of a difference in service to meaningful destinations were DL to reduce either to the level of “focus city”.

Methinks both are being maintained for political reasons (and perhaps maintenance of local incentives?) that out of any real desire to keep a hub in operation at these locations. Then too - with the fares charged to the local passengers, I would expect both operations to be quite profitable for DL - especially with the freight dogs absorbing a some of the costs for the airfield operations.


Southwest already flies to MEM through their airtran subsidiary.


greater rochester international were are a growing city and that would help the local economy.Jetblue is the only other “major” airline.

I’d say KBBG but it’s too marginal. XNA has a nice terminal, a lot of traffic in the area. Wally World keeps increasing their demand. They just opened a second runway at XNA.

Rochester has United, US Airways, Delta, and American, all of which I would call “major” and already has Southwest service through their AirTran subsidiary. They are hardly lacking for service.

Southwest already serves BBG through their AirTran subsidiary.

XNA just opened a terminal expansion that just keeps pace with the growth of the airport. Allegiant was using a commuter gate and their MD-80 barely fit.

thank you for the correction drdisque.

To be honest, there isn’t much more that SWA can expand service to that doesn’t scream for it. The only places I could think of that they could try, would be DSM or FAT.

There is no penetration by any mainline airline in central California (SKW is a commuter/regional), except for AAY in FAT. But even with that, capacity is light for that. Anything major requires at least a 3 hour drive to SMF, or a 5 hour drive to either the Bay, or Burbank.

DSM. Again, not much capacity. ASH flew a CRJ200 into there from PHX, and AAY serves it, but not much more that isn’t a regional. The saving grace here is that it’s a 90 mile drive to OMA to pick up SWA.

Outside of that, there isn’t the high demand for anything else that isn’t covered. However, SWA does have the knack for having service where a professional sports team is located. The only two I can think of that aren’t covered are the Memphis Grizzlies, and Green Bay Packers. No SWA service to neither MEM or GRB, though I want to say it is roughly an hour’s drive to GRB from MKE.

Personally, I’d love to see them renew ties with WJA and meet up with them somewhere like CYVR. Tie in that network. Also, with -800s coming in, and IIRC, the ones from TRS should be ETOPS compliant… perhaps a TNCM run?


CLT would be a good place. SWA already upset USA in PHL - they can do it at CLT too.

I can also see them flying to GTF.

One thing I’ve wondered about for a long time is why SWA doesn’t fly nonstop between southern California and PDX/SEA. Ever since they started service on the west coast decades ago, flights between these two areas have always been via another point.

My guess is they realize that highly regarded Alaska already has roughly 40 flights a day to SEA and almost as many to PDX from every commercial LA area airport, plus another half dozen from Sandy Eggo. I would think Alaska would defend their nonstop service vigorously.

Disregarding my tongue in cheek vote for Bakersfield, Fresno would be a good bet. Before deregulation United had in the neighborhood of a dozen 737’s a day there. Fresno county has a population of almost a million plus the neighboring counties. Big airport, CAT 3 capability and nothing but regional jets, dash 8’s and Brasilia’s for competition.
Southwest doesn’t go anywhere without flying a good number of flights. Like the airplanes they want the ground staff working all day.

John in Saudi

If Southwest flew to BFL or FAT it should be to a city in Mexico, not the USA! (Actually, FAT already does have nonstop service to Guadalajara, Mexico via both Volaris (a Southwest partner) and AeroMexico.)

Southwest actually hasn’t done very well in PHL against US. Thus why they’ve pulled back their service to just their big hub-like airports from there and again, Southwest already serves CLT through their Airtran subsidiary.

DSM has mainline service from United, Delta, and soon American (DFW-DSM is going mainline next month) in addition to Allegiant and Airtran (again, making DSM an airport that Southwest already serves).

Allegiant also flies to SCK in addition to FAT in central CA.

I agree that WN could make a schedule like FAT-LAX 2x, FAT-DEN 1x, FAT-PHX 2x work, maybe add in 1 FAT-SNA or FAT-SAN for a route that would have no competition or FAT-LAS if UA drops it when Skywest retires the Brasilias.

I don’t think that would be enough for them to consider FAT. I was thinking LAX 3x, SFO 3x, SAN 1x, PHX 2x, LAS 1x, DEN 1x, SLC 1x and MDW 1x. 13 total as well as possibly SEA 6 a week but there are no connections for them there. Or better still one FAT-SMF-SEA and one FAT-SMF-PDX daily. 15 daily that way.
I had forgotten about the Mexico flights. I don’t think that is WN’s deal though!!

This is kinda fun.

John in Saudi

I think you overestimate the size of the Fresno local market. Also remember that WN is already carrying a lot of Fresno passengers on their flights to SMF and OAK.

Also WN doesn’t really do super-short flights or tags like FAT-SFO or FAT-SMF. Their shortest flights are things like DTW-MDW, BWI-LGA, and OAK-RNO. They don’t even fly from SAN to any Socal airports.