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New Possible Service to Spokane International Airport?

I live in Spokane, and if some of you didn’t know this, Allegiant Air will be starting a once-per-week nonstop flight to and from Hawaii. And Southwest is also planning to drop Portland by the beginning of next year. The airport said they are looking to add more direct flights to the east coast as the Spokane market in recent years has been hosting big events and attracting business to the area.

I came up with airlines that would most likely operate to Spokane in the future. And also came up with more destinations for current airlines that operate to GEG.
Note: These are all predictions:
Virgin America: SFO and possibly LAX
Southwest: SJC, SAN, LAX, MDW
Jetblue: BOS, or JFK [Unlikely but possible].
Delta: ATL [Unlikely]
United: LAX, IAH, and possible daily service to ORD instead of seasonal. Also, possible seasonal flights to EWR, IAD, and CLE. [Unlikely but could work out.]
US Airways: PHL and seasonal to CLT.
American [even they have a codeshare with Alaska out of Spokane]: DFW, and ORD. Seasonal to JFK.

What do you think?

The only flight listed that has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever happening is UA or WN to LAX and possibly UA to ORD going year-round. The rest are too long and/or thin.

WN to SAN could maybe work less-than-daily.

but of a misleading statement in the OP’s post… SWA isn’t dropping PDX service altogether; it is dropping service from KGEG-KSEA and KGEG-KPDX. They are still flying routes to KPDX, including service recently started from KPDX-KAUS.

their rationale is that passengers flying on the KGEG-KPDX route are connecting to go to other cities. SWA is still flying to KSEA and KGEG and KPDX, but maybe not between the three. That sucks, because that’s like Washington’s own tri-state route, like KSAT-KDAL-KHOU in Texas.

As far as new service goes… AAY will be your only shot. everyone else has a bigger presence at SEA and PDX. you’re going to have feeder service from SKW, but unless Spokane really gets some major business going their way, they’re going to be passed up. Is there anything there that could attract WJA?