Hopeful routes

Cltflyer asked about using another topic for hopeful routes. Told him I’d start a new topic on that. Here it is!

TY…=)…i just liked to see what peoples ideas were…for example to start i think frontier would be a great addition to Clt

A couple of routes I’d love to see but doubt it will happen are routes by any airline out of what is now only a general aviation field.

I think LVK (Livermore, CA) would be a great place for some short distance routes from the Tri-Valley are of the San Francisco Bay Area to Southern California.

Specifically, I’d like to see service from LVK to Ontario(ONT), Van Nuys (VNY), andOrange County (SNA), all in the Los Angeles area. Additional service to San Diego (SAN), Las Vegas (LAS), and Seattle-Boeing Field(BFI) would be great, too.

A great aircraft for this would be the DHC-8-400.

KIAH-KSBA would be fantastic.

I’d like to see:

Frontier (or Frontier Jr.) YKM - DEN

Allegiant YKM - LAS

Horizon/ExpressJet YKM - NorCal and SoCal

Southwest, JetBlue, WestJet … nevermind, NHD!

We are getting a second CRJ to SLC daily and QXE Q400’s… capacity at the expense of frequency. :confused:

Well, here’s routes I’d like and some others that I think would work

FNT-IAD and FNT-DEN on UA (or F9 for DEN)




AUS-SEA on NW, WN, or AS

LAN-FLL on Allegiant



ORD-JFK on UA (E175’s)


Heres some more id like to see

den-clt f9
gso-las g4(does mad dog have range)
Clt-Ind Nw
clt-mco jbu
rdu-mco jbu
clt-iad jbu

Many moons ago PSA (the original) flew Bae 146s between CCR and LAX something like 4 flights per day, did pretty well too. They also flew them between Arcata (ACV) and SFO with about the same frequency as Sky West is doing it now with Brasilias. I used to fly into ACV and it seemed like they were doing pretty well, always looked like plenty of people getting on and off.

I’m not sure why PSA stopped the CCR flights. It wouldn’t surprise me if they got flack from the idiots who bought near the airport then decided they didn’t like the noise of the airport.

I’m a firm believer in using all airports for scheduled services if the airport infrastructure can support it. Using smaller, general aviation airports for short distance routes saves people time because they don’t have to travel to larger airports.

Take my wish list of services for Livermore (LVK). The airport is in the middle of the suburbs. If someone from, say, Livermore or Dublin wants to go to the Southland (Los Angeles area), the nearest airport with airline service is OAK. That can be a very long trip, especially considering that the connecting 238 freeway between 580 and 880 is almost always backed up.

Couldn’t agree more. I drove 238 from Dublin to OAK when I was based there more times than I can remember. Leave before 6AM and it was ok, 6:01 and you just added 30 minutes to the commute.

Found this on Google… http://www.bart.gov/

The problem is that the BART connection to OAK is a joke. I have taken it a few times.

It’s not very convenient. You need to take BART to the Coliseum Station, haul your luggage downstairs and then board a bus to travel the last two miles or so to the airport. Quite often, the fare for that last two miles ($3) is more than the cost of the fare from the originating BART station to the Coliseum Station.

Thought I haven’t used it, it appears that BART to SFO is better because the train actually goes to the airport.

From the BART page:

Save time, money, and hassle with traffic: It’s more reliable than driving…

Saving money? Only if you are going to be gone for a week or so and would normally park your car at the airport and are going solo, you could save money, even taking into account today’s gas prices. If you are traveling with some one, are going to be gone for less than 3-4 days, and know where to park at the airport (actually, off-airport parking), then you don’t save money.

BART has two modes of operations: on time and all screwed up. While most of the time it is operating on time, once something happens - like a train taken out of service or a police action or the train operator farts - it gets really screwed up. From the Castro Valley Station (the one nearest to me) to the Coliseum Station is only 15 minutes plus another 15 minutes for the bus, there is no way I would take BART to OAK only 30 minutes prior to the time I need to be at the airport.

I should know about BART operations - I ride them twice a day, five days a week, and sometimes on weekends.

Now, to get the subject back to the topic: It would be great to see Southwest add back their transcontinental flights to OAK. They discontinued nonstop service to PHL and BWI a while back.

Additionally, as I mentioned in another thread, it would be great to see xpressjet come to OAK and compliment Southwest’s service by flying to COS, central Washington state (e.g. YKM, ALW), and cities in Oregon outside of PDX.

I use BART from OAK about half the time. In my opinion it’s much faster and easier then taking a car to most points in the bay area, esp since my final destination never has been/will be Oakland proper. It is a much cheaper and efficient system then setting up an airline infrastructure (including TSA) at a bunch of little airports.

BNA-NRT NW (Nissan North Am HQ in Nashville, Japaneese Embassy to move from New Orleans to Nashville, …)
BNA-LHR anyone

Bna-lhr AA is best bet…highly unlikely anytime soon though…bna-nrt hmmmmm.

Do you mean consulate? The embassy is located in Washington, DC.

The best way to OAK is to have someone drive you there.
The next best way is to use Expresso Parking. Free coffee, muffins, and the cheapest parking available at OAK.

LVK already has a small terminal in place already; ditto for CCR. With a little renovation, both could easily be used for a few commercial flights a day.

These routes are already operated just would like to see some mainline dem.

clt-mia AA
Clt-Iah CO
Clt-Ewr CO

Thank you! I agree.

PSC is between YKM & ALW and probably a good candidate for that type of service.