My hopefull internatonal Routes for Clt any possibilitys


When the new international terminal is done and or usairways before the new terminal when they get all the a332 i have a list of like to see INternational routes/airlines.
1.Usairways(cdg, dub , zrh, Man, fco, gru)
2.Air Jamaica(Montego bay)
3.Mexicana (mex, maybe monterry or guardjara.)
4.British Airways (Lhr)
5.Lot (warsaw)or some *a carrier
6.Air France (Cdg)

any hopes here?


aern’t a lot of those routes doubtful for US given that they have designated Philadelphia as their international gateway. At best, they may see CDG.

Don’t we all want to see the city of brotherly love :unamused: :unamused: :open_mouth:


International service at KCLT thread.