IF Southwest went International where would they go?

When WN goes international, where do you think they will go first and from where?

Could we ever see a bna-london wn flight?

It’s doubtful Southwest will go international. I think they will be handling their international stuff through codesharing with ATA.

Nope. Nothing against your city but IF* Southwest went transatlantic, they’d have to it from the east coast with the aircraft they currently have.

*That’s a big “if,” get it?

They would go to Hell!

If they did so I would guess some of the medium to larger airports in Mexico and Canada. Southwest’s strategy seems to be “do nothing drastic” and just flying over the border would probably fit into that; if there’s not a minimum expense and large profit there then it won’t happen.

WestJet in Canada runs on the same business model as SouthWest. So if international flights were in order, I would agree with locovaca, Canada / Mexico would be the first move. SouthWest does not make a move into a market unless it knows for sure it will profit from it.

I think the major sticking point here would be Canadian / Mexican regulations governing domestic air travel. SouthWest couldn’t travel between points in Canada, so from my perspective, a flight from Calgary to Las Vegas or Vancouver to Hawaii would be most likely.

With the 737, I can’t forsee a profitable TransAtlantic service for SouthWest.

The problem with international flights for Southwest is customs. They wouldn’t be able to turn the aircraft in 25 minutes like they do for most domestic flights.

Most likely nose first! :smiley:

Mexico and Canada seem likely. Military charters aside, they probably won’t start offical service until after the surrender ceremonies.

They don’t have any service to about 16 states and many good markets in the US.

Actually, what I heard is that Southwest is going international. They are thinking of taking on routes to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean by 2009.

If they do, ATA will do some of the routes.

With the 737, I can’t forsee a profitable TransAtlantic service for SouthWest.

Same here…I seriously doubt that Southwest would go more international than Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean.

Where in North America do you forsee them going?

They could actually go to the Caribbean without going international if they went to the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.

ATA used to be known for great low cost service to Cancun and other Caribbean destinations from IND before their rapid expansion forced the bankruptcy and buyout from SouthWest. They could probably benefit from resurrecting those routes. I would like to see SWA provide more competition in Chicago for flights to PVR from their MDW hub.

Maybe they will form an international spin off called EastWest with an all 787 fleet.

Where in North America do you forsee them going?

I’m not sure. I mean Southwest flies to almost every state. But I can see Southwest going to Minneapolis, MN or Milwaukee.

I’m not sure when (end of 2007 I believe) Southwest is adding service to San Francisco, CA.

August 2007. It’s not really adding service to SFO but returning to it after a hiatus of a few years.

That’s as far as they will go. Maybe Jamaica, Cuba or the Bahamas.

How do u c them flying to cuba???

I was thinking more of something South West.

I can see them going to Cuba… when Fidel goes to Hell. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: <>

What if that bastard’s brother goes into power after the evil dictator’s death? P.s. Will the US drop the embargo on Cuba after Fidels death???