Sky harbor


I was just curious if KPHX will get any other international flights other than BAW288/289
Thanks in advance! :smiley:


There’s lots of international services at PHX to Mexico and, to a lesser extent, Canada.


Yeah I was curios about like Asia or Europe or Australia.


This was from 2009 but lots of things can change in the aviation world in three years … ily61.html


Yes, but you didn’t say that. You said “INTERNATIONAL” services, not services specifically to Asia or Europe or Australia.


Yes my mistake. Is there any future transatlantic flights for sky harbor?


I could see winter seasonal service from the Scandinavian countries if the dollar drops more against the Euro.


Thank you. That is all I needed to know.


I think the most likely is actually service by US or LH to FRA to connect the two large Star Alliance hubs (assuming US stays in Star Alliance, which I think they will as long as they don’t merge with AA).


Ahhh thank you for a simple answer :smiley: