JFK....LGA......Central Park? Manhattan Airport Foundation


And the FAQ’s


I can’t (read: don’t) believe they raised $210mm already. Maybe they could sell the Brooklyn Bridge to those same investors.

Just because the runway is long enough doesn’t mean you won’t hit the buildings going out and coming in.

WTF??? :laughing:
I can see this happening… never.

Well, it sure does look pretty. And I like airports in downtown areas, too. So it MUST be feasible then. Isn’t 13,000 ft enough for a triple 7 fully loaded with fuel for a transatlantic flight to take off? And dodge buildings? I bet NYC residents are thrilled at the idea of getting airliners as close to downtown as they can.

Edit: I mean 13,000 ft between buildings, not total runway length.

I must recant: 4.1km is 13,530ft. That has got to be enough for the A380. Because when it gets to the end of the runway, it goes straight up.

i will bet one of my nuts it will never happen.

even if they did they will have to make a approach plate that has best angle to take off and climb over a 1000 foot obstruction instead of 50 feet.

OMFG… You people are killing me! :smiley:

Can you imagine the noise abatement procedures they’d have. It’d be worse then the John Wayne airport.

Bash it as we may, you all know just as well as I do that if it ever did get built, we’d all be on the first flights to check it out.

:laughing: From the MSFS wonder-nurse… :unamused:


Spoil-sport! :laughing:

And just when the responses were getting interesting.

For the record, I searched all my normal snopes.com and factcheck, and googled the site before before posting this…

Thanks, mark57…

I’ll admit I took it seriously too at first. Kind of a NY version of Meigs. Hey, for all we know, it could be one of the projects being funded by the economic stimulus package.

For more information on dedicating a bench at Manhattan Airport please contact us at (mailto link).

Just for giggles and shits, I’m gonna query them and see what their response is… :confused:


:frowning: That could have been fun…


Apologies all around. :blush:

Not really necessary, I was just enjoying the thread because I was aware of the hoax.