Overflight of football stadium


On Sept 10 at approximately 9PM I observed what appeared to be a turbo-prop commuter plane (like those 19 seaters that Continental flys out of Ft Lauderdale and West Palm) overfly a football game I was attending. This was at Florida Field in Gainesville FL. The plane approached from the SE and made a turn to NNW while it appeared to be directly over the field. I don’t know how to guess the altitude, I could see the windows and lights along the left side of the aircraft. Maybe 1500’. Just a guess. It was low enough that I was pretty certain it overflew the field directly. I’ve been searching the internet for news of this and have not been successful. Has anybody read or heard anything about this incident? Would this not be illegal? I was there back in the '80s when a B25 overflew a game and that incident was all over the news, including the fact that the pilot lost his license


He was more than likely at 2000 ft. The RNAV and VOR approaches to runway 11 come pretty close to the field you mentioned. Depends on where ATC dropped him into it there is a chance he flew over ya.

Here is a flight similar to the one in question, arrived at 9:45 or so. flight path shows almost over top of the stadium. There is no commuter or twin turbo that is tracked showing, but the flight path would almost be the same.

flightaware.com/live/flight/EGF3 … /KMIA/KGNV


That must be it. Thanks for the reply and information.