Opera browser & this forum

Can anything be done at flightaware end to improve the compatability with this forum and Opera browser (v. 9.64)?

I’ve noticed that since all the recent site changes that it takes the best part of 30 seconds to get the forum to load now which shouldn’t be happening. It gets to loading element 11 of 12 and then just hangs on the last one until it eventually finishes and the forum loads half a minute later. It never used to be like this and loaded as fast as any other browser. It loads fine with MSIE.

There are no connection speed issues at my end and it is not specific to this PC either as it takes the same amount of time from my PC at work too.

The main flightaware site and tracking stuff all works fine* with Opera, it’s just this forum which takes an aeon to load for some reason. :confused:

And please, no Firefox/Safari/MSIE fanboy replies.

  • except the minor glitch with the airport code box.

Any idea what element is taking so long to load?

Afraid I don’t know what any of the elements are - in the Opera browser there’s a progress bar that appears at the end of the URL bar when you are accessing a site and shows how many elements have loaded. Generally you don’t really notice it as sites load in a second or two, but like I say, this forum apparently has 12 ‘elements’ to it and it gets stuck on the last one.

I downloaded and installed Opera and can’t reproduce. Are you running the latest version?

Yes, 9.64.

The element total is not 12 actually, it seems to be much more, like 52 or 54, not that it makes any difference.

I’m on Opera on my laptop now and the forum tab (discussions) took around 15 seconds to load. Just tried it with my antiquated MSIE6 and it rattled it up in 3 seconds. Anywhere else that would be the other way round :confused: .

What OS are you using? I’m using XP PRO. :confused:


I haven’t used Opera in some time so bear with me.

Are you using any plug ins or anything third party software intergrated within Opera to possibly cause interference on both machines?

I have seen that lag you talk about myself in both MSIE and Firefox, but it’s not a consistent basis by any stretch of the imagination as you are describing.


I don’t use any plug-ins (widgets in Opera speak) on any of my systems, it’s just the basic browser download and that is it.

Having spent some time in and out of here at various times today and using the other PCs I am now of the same opinion as yourself that there doesn’t seem to be any consistency. For example, I entered the site a few minutes ago and clicked the discussions tab and the forums loaded in approx 2-3 seconds and around an hour ago I had the same PC load them in around 10 seconds which is around 20 seconds better than normal. I’ve also tried it when logged out to see if it made any difference but it didn’t.

I would have been tempted to put it down to bad latency as the site is presumably hosted in the US and I am in the UK, but unless the forums are on a different server or host to the main site then it can’t be that as the main site and tracking features all work fine without any delay. Additionally, the fact that MSIE can rattle up the forums within a few seconds clearly confirms there are no latency issues and leads me to think there could be a compatability issue with Opera perhaps :confused: .

The discussion forums are on a totally separate infrastructure from the rest of the web site. However, most of the large content from either service (discussions or flightaware.com) is hosted and delivered from Amsterdam for users in Europe.

Interesting. What is an example of ‘large content’ as far as the forums and main site are concerned?

Could this Amsterdam server be the problem perhaps? I guess that could also explain why you couldn’t replicate the problem with your own Opera as you are not in Europe (?)

Maps, photos, weather, images, icons, javascript, etc.

Could this Amsterdam server be the problem perhaps? I guess that could also explain why you couldn’t replicate the problem with your own Opera as you are not in Europe (?)

Possibly but we haven’t heard of it from anyone else.

As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s not a common browser as most folks use MSIE or FF so that could be why no-one else has said anything. Like I said earlier though, this slowness with the forums has only become an issue since the introduction of the newfangled maps - the forums worked fine prior to that. :frowning:

Rob, I use the latest version of OPERA full time and have no problem.