Page Load Lagtime


Anybody experiencing page load delays on the forum section? Sometimes when I click on a discussion topic I get a white page for about ten seconds. This just started about a week ago. Everything else is normal. FYI: running Google Chrome but when I switched to Explorer I had the same experience. Its not a big issue, just annoying.


Does it say “waiting for” in the status area while you have the white screen?


It says “waiting for


I’ve noted that, maybe an extra 3-5 seconds.


doubleclick is another hold up sometimes.


If you’ve had the waiting for or or hold up, could you post what IP address it resolves to? You can use “nslookup” at the command line in any major OS.


I found this thread via google. I do visit from time to time, but probably not for a few days on this one computer (Win7/Pro). I got an IE error (I was not, to my knowledge, running IE at the time) saying that there was a script error on

FWIW, here’s the output of nslookup:



I was running Kinetic BaseStation and PlanePlotter at the time (as I do 24x7) and this was the first time I’ve seen this error. I suppose it’s possible that an IE session from “long ago” was still running even though the window was closed?

Anyway, not sure if this is helpful or not … I rebooted, so we’ll see if it comes back :slight_smile:


I’ve been having lag issues in Internet Explorer 8 for about the last couple of weeks. It just states “waiting for” during the wait which lasts about 5 seconds.

No such problem in Mozilla Firefox.


Still horrible load times for me too. Currently taking anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds to load forum pages. :angry:


Hi, guys. Thanks for distinguishing between the site and the forums – it helps us debug since they run on separate platforms.

Are the forums any faster today? We made several changes that should improve it.


Much better for me. Thanks.


How about now?


Works great for me now.



Broken links have been restored as well.


Forum pages have seen a slight increase but they are still loading way too slow. Trying to reply to a post typically takes 10+ seconds for it to load the reply pane and then the same again after pressing submit.