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Opera doesn't support website properly

Can’t find any recent Opera posts. I have Opera version 66.0.3515.27 on Windows 7. When I display by tail number I get no icons for other nearby flights and the map is “blue on blue” despite my being logged in. I don’t think I’m missing any settings and it certainly works properly on Firefox, Chrome and IE. Is Opera deliberately not supported fully? Dave S.

Nothing deliberate, but I don’t think we test on it. Any obvious javascript errors etc?

Opera should behave exactly like Chrome, since Opera is based on Chrome, but there could be a peculiarity we don’t know about. Do you have a link to a specific page where this happens? Do you see any errors in the JavaScript console?

Something on the FA site is also annoying Firefox. For the past few days, a yellow bar shows up, on the FA site only, saying that a web page is slowing the browser down.

Sorry guys - total senior moment. I was expecting all options to be in the “configure user preferences” gear-wheel. Of course, they aren’t (as I previously knew full well). Map display settings now changed and it’s working fine. Again apologies for the error, and thanks for the quick replies.

@Dxista what page(s) are you visiting when you see the bar pop up? Do you see any errors in the JavaScript console?

@DavidSmartMobile no problem, I’m glad it was available in the preferences!

Hi @thornjad,

Which page, I don’t remember, but I usually check the stats and discussion pages.

The one thing I remember clearly is that it only happened on FA pages. Note the past tense, as it has not happened today.

Firefox warned of a page slowing the browser down and asked if I wanted to stop, wait, and I think there was one more option, but I don’t remember it now. I always selected wait, and it would eventually load.

I did not check the JavaScript console, but the third option referred above may have been something about scripts.

Sorry for the lack of firm details, but as I said, no problems today.

Thank you for your attention.