New problems using Opera 10.1

The flight pages don’t load properly and hang for ~ 30 seconds before the map appears and the flight data log underneath loads.


Maybe it is your computer. I mean, you have 6 tabs up and 9 programs running? :blush:

Forgive him Rob for he knows not what he does…

Supposed to be a joke, but no no no, not to pika.

Don’t worry Will, I figured it was some type of attempted sarcasm. HOWEVER, as I have pointed out with Rob’s possible frustration, “don’t poke the bear”.

Please enroll in “Emoticons 101” for next semester. :laughing:

:laughing: are you sure it wasnt more like a million tabs he has running Will?

:laughing: :laughing:

HAHAHA! :laughing: That’s funny Beech! No, I can count to six, I think… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Please enroll in “Emoticons 101” for next semester.

I don’t think so, pika…

Opera, unlike Firefox :stuck_out_tongue: , can quite happily handle loads of tabs open at the same time without keeling over and crashing like Firefox does.

Even if I just have 1 tab open running that page, the exact same thing happens, so it’s nothing to do with resource usage.

I kinda had your problem just a minute ago… I looked at COA799, and it froze for a little while (and yes, I only had the internet running) But I clicked refresh and that fixed it… :confused:

OK Rob. You can point out issues with FA all day long, brag to us that you are using Opera, but I draw the line at bashing Firefox!! BLASPHEMY!!! :smiley:

In all seriousness though, I have not had that problem with Firefox. When (if you ever do) you run Firefox, or when you did use it, did you have a bunch of extensions loaded on it?

Just curious because I had problems with other websites and eliminated a good portion of my Firefox extensions and it took care of the problem.

Look, no tabs, same craic. Broked.


Can you logout and submit another screenshot?

Also, can you paste the contents of ?

Pika, I’m not getting into a browser fan-boy contest/whatever as it’s all been done before and no amount of arguing/trying to convince people that one browser is better than the other will get people to change. I have used every version of Firefox that has been out and didn’t like any of them, perhaps because I don’t use - nor have any need for - add-ons. I just want a browser to work, open pages fast and do all the stuff you’d expect from a browser without crashing, and for me Opera fits that bill. It is of course a far less popular browser and understandably support is lacking on some sites and glitches/problems crop up. I haven’t read anything to say that this site is NOT supported by Opera so therefore I assume it is supposed to be and hence my addressing this issue to Mark in hope that it can be fixed! :smiley:

Session Diagnostics
Your browser is Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en) Presto/2.2.15 Version/10.10
You are not using a mobile device
You do not appear to be behind a proxy server
Your public IP address is
You are not logged in.
You do not have a session id
You have cookies disabled
You have never successfully logged in to FlightAware from this computer and browser
Your javascript is working fine.
Time (zulu) is Thursday, 17-Dec-2009 15:39:23 GMT
Your account can view 7 days of flight history

Screenshot coming in 5 mins.

As requested. No difference afraid.

It’s not unusual for me to have as many as 25 tabs open at the same time. No problems crashing.

(Why so many? I have several sites I go to each day. I open them all up at once then go through them one-by-one. If I see something interesting on one of news sites I open the article in a new tab. Hence, 25 (or more) tabs opened at once.)

I don’t know much about Opera, so I wasn’t sure if it had the add-on/extensions like others such as Firefox have. It was just a thought.

Good to see you understood the “BLASPHEMY” part as a joke. :laughing:


Opera has widgets instead of add-ons but they’re the same thing. Opera list is not as comprehensive but like I said, I don’t use them anyway so it suits me fine. :smiley:

It looks like you have a number of browser problems. Your browser is clearing/deleting cookies and also Javascript is not performing correctly. You’re missing the time (when logged out), map, and ads – all from Javascript.

We cannot reproduce the problem in Opera here. We also test with IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, and Safari.